dimanche 22 février 2009

Crazy Bunnies strike again!!

I am not only a fae, I am also a Bunny Babe! The Bunny Babes are the OOC party group my friends and I founded a little less than a year ago, and we basically have one motto: party!
We meet in dance clubs for time to time and dress sexy, but we also have another kind of parties, that we call "therapy session", where we use voice chat and usually laugh until we can laugh no more... We hadn't had one in months, and I was seriously missing them. We met at Devora's place.

Dede... well... is Dede

Chicken dance

Yes, we do like chicken dance, it's very healthy! It ended up with a truth or dare game...

Maelenn's cousin, Suavana, proved right away that she already is a true bunny...

Draggy Dares...

More wedding pics!

Okay first, as I promised, more pictures of Chiller and Lavendar's wedding!


Next, Zarkela got married this weekend, with her beloved unicorn lady Carmila... Here are a few pics:

The beautiful brides

jeudi 19 février 2009

Cheesy group gift at Romi Skins

Romi Juliesse has just released her 8th group gift, this gorgeous exclusive skin. Romi Skins always make Yael look so cute, I love them!
The skin is available in the shop, wear your group tag and buy it for 0l$. And while you're there, take a look at the other awesome skins, the non free ones they are simply stunningly adorable (yes, I AM using a thesaurus, so what?)
The previous group gift skins are still available on the lucky boards until feb. 21st, so hurry and get them!

Yael is wearing (100% free)
Shape: Ivy Short - Cyanide - lucky chair prize
Skin: Romi08 - Romi Skins - group gift
Hair: Lara lightbrown - Aden previous group gift
Eyes: Valentine Gift 09 - Poetic Eyes (still there, hurry to get them!)
Outfit: Porcelaine Prince - The Black Canary (*waves at Morrigan who is so sweet*) lucky chair price

Who is Yael? Er... well see the dragon guy, third from the left on the top picture? That's Arthur, a very very good friend of mine, even if he's not around much these days, and Yael is his little sister... She's a poor girl and only wear freebies (or dollarbies)

lundi 16 février 2009

Weddings... *sighs*

It seems I have finally broken the wedding curse... Yay!!

Let me explain. Since my rez day, I have been invited to numerous weddings, including important ones, like when Gertie and Kiwi got married (it was before they adopted me, but still, they already were very important to me) or my best friend Richy's, when he married Legend. Well, I haven't been able to attend to ANY of them. Everytime, something would happen in RL that would prevent me from being there to share the happiness of those who are dear to my heart. So when Lavendar and Chiller told me they were getting married too, I promised to do my best but thought "okay Rosie, don't get too excited on this because you know there's 90% chances you won't make it anyway". But this time, there wasn't one, but 2 weddings... yes, Chiller and Lavendar married twice, on the 14th AND on the 15th... I don't have any picture of the first ceremony because, of course I missed it (due to my crappy internet access) but here are a few of the second one...

My fiance was here too... *sighs happily*. He was sooooo elegant, as he always is... and we danced for a while...

dimanche 8 février 2009


I've been wanting to write that post for a couple of days now, but since as I am a lazy-ass, here it is, finally.

I went to Inara's this week to take a look at the gowns, I was looking for something for my bridesmaids, and I remembered the shop from when I'd come camping for that very pretty blue dress I'd seen on one of those great blogs I follow...

Dress: Inara's camping price, Cold baby Blue Gown
Hair: ETD Nadia - Ebony (25l$)
Hair beads: Eolande's bead for ETD Nadia hair (50l$)
Skin: Geisha Dreams Skins, Keiko Mistletoe
Bracelet: Exlusive creation from Black Dove, but they have other gorgeous things (Thank you Eva and Jonno, love you heaps)

Anyway I found what I was looking for, four lovely gowns, same design in four different colors, and no, I am not showing you pics because there won't be any until the big day... So here I am, wondering if, you know, since I'm buying several, if it would be rude to ask for a discount or something... I IMed her and BAM! she discounted the gowns for me... I was so happy I bought that dress:
Inara's Victorian Jumper Gown

I think it's lovely!

More later folks

lundi 2 février 2009


Ok, well, I think I need to explain a bit about that, because if not you won't realise how huge and awesome it is. I, Rosie Indigo, have been in love with Tan forvever actually... The very first day I arrived in Avilion he warmly welcomed me, and he was my first friend there. But he's a hopeless flirt, and I would have thought, eternal bachelor... Oh of course I know he likes me, he kissed me months ago... I fainted.

But that! I would never have expected that... The evil fae Queen, Mab, has returned to Avilion and turned me evil a few weeks ago. I even REFUSED to dance with TAN, my favorite dance partner ever... Apparently it hurt him more than he would have thought...

[2:48] Tan Tantalus: I um
[2:49] Rosemarie Indigo blushes
[2:49] Tan Tantalus: when I thought that you had been taken from me by evil I was lost
[2:49] Rosemarie Indigo nods
[2:49] Tan Tantalus: and it was love that brought you back
[2:50] Rosemarie Indigo: your love...
[2:50] Tan Tantalus: I am an imperfect being, vain, flighty and prone to bouts if silliness
[2:51] Rosemarie Indigo rolls her eyes
[2:51] Tan Tantalus: yet if you were to accept me and all my faults then I would be yours
[2:51] Rosemarie Indigo: To me you are perfect
[2:51] Rosemarie Indigo: Nothing could make me happier...
[2:51] Tan Tantalus holds out a ring
[2:51] Tan Tantalus slowly places the ring upon Rosemarie's finger
[2:51] Caz Lobo: blinks and grins

So... Yeah, Rosie is engaged, and this, my friends, was completely unexpected...