mercredi 22 juillet 2009

Photo contest

When I received the note from my friend Morrigan (The Black Canary, you can read about his beautiful work here), I started bouncing up and down...a contest!!! So I started thinking, and thinking, and thinking some more... Actually I've been thinking about it for a month, trying clothes, poses and all, until I was finally happy with my entry and could release it in the Flickr pool...So here it is for you:

Deadline is on the 25th of July, so pretty soon, so hurry if you want to be in!

samedi 4 juillet 2009

Fashion Alert!

My good friend Shayariel sent me a very nice picture yesterday of the latest Vogue cover... She says green is the new black this year!!

Thank you so much Shay!!!!


Mouse face got married!

My best friend in this life got married last night, and of course I could simply not miss that...

The blushing bride (hard to tell with the grey skin)

Devora and I, the bridesmaids...

Celestia, Energy and Giles

Elli, Juniper, Tauceti and Killyan

Shayariel, Dark and Ranarie


Sharl and Tan, 2 sides of the same coin... and what a coin!
One of the most precious to me

You may kiss the bride... and tie her up with ductape *grins*