dimanche 28 décembre 2008

Season's greetings

I don't have much time these days, with all the family stuff, but I want to wish every single one of you the best for 2009....
See you next year!

vendredi 19 décembre 2008

Gorgeous new skins

A few days ago I went to Geisha Dreams Skins... and OMG they had a whole new series of Keiko skins, my most favoritest skin in the whole (SL) world!! She sells them with or without freckles, and the new series is even more luminous and pretty than the previous one (and yes I had them all...) With names such as Secret Santa, Mistletoe or New Year's Kiss, this new series is just the treat I needed for Xmas... Here are a few pics...

Holiday Cheer 800l$ Geisha Dreams Skins

Secret Santa 800l$ Geisha Dreams Skins

There are 7 new skins and a fat pack with all of them is only 4300l$... I'm in luuuuuuve with those skins...

lundi 15 décembre 2008

Bachelorette's Party

Sometimes, my friends and I leave Avilion for a few hours and to go party OOC (Out of Character). The Bunny Babes is the OOC group Maelenn, Shayariel, Richy and I created long ago. the group is made for letting your friends know when and where there will be a party but it is also used by us freebieholics to let others know when there's a hunt or something... Yesterday we had not one, but 2 of those in the same day! Shay is getting married today and we couldn't let her do that with a proper bachelorette's party...We found that totally empty rock club and had lots of fun...

From left to right Eithne (the red nosed reindeerette), Shay (bride to be), me, Richy (the other guy with a Santa Hat) and Lavendar (who had only just discovered what silks were "OMG, my boobs are showing!")

I know.... totally not medieval... lol

Me wearing silks... Not likely to happen... Usually

dimanche 14 décembre 2008


Ok... pain has gone down a little, and I'm good to nothing anyway... might as well tell you about those gowns I love....

Kouse's sanctum. Lady Kouse Singh, Ancient of the Mist and noble dragon in Avilion created half of my favorite gowns. This one is called Ethereal Regency.

Evie's Closet. Lady Evangeline Miles made the other half of my favorite gowns.... and here's one of them, Sweet Cherry.

Both these ladies have a group (in search, Kouse's Sanctum and Evie's closet, although Evie's locked at the moment) and give out a monthly freebie dress... You may want to take a look at those!

samedi 13 décembre 2008

This is me... Yay me! I'm a fae and I love it, I'm always merry and love to dance at the drum circle... and I'm a shopaholic, especially for gorgeous gowns...
I'll talk to you about the pretty gowns in my next post, right now my tummy hurts so much I can hardly type...