samedi 18 avril 2009

April shower party 2009

Hm... I was so dazzled by my gorgeous husband that I completely forgot to take pictures...
Here's one of me before the party though.

Dress is from Kouse's sanctum,
Hair is from Magika,
Skin is from Curio,
Eyes are from Poetic Eyes
Hair thingie was a RFL clothing fair hunt gift but you can ger the flower garland at Evie's Closet
Wings are from Fairy pearls

(due to a crappy internet connection -some things just don't change- I will only be able to add the slurls tomorrow)

What happens if you take a guy shopping...

Well... he gets bored, and starts making funny faces...

"Rose, please, tell me you're not taking pictures..."

Thanks you Vox for entertaining me!

lundi 13 avril 2009

Honeymoon pictures!

No worries, nothing naughty here, or barely... Only luuuuuuurve, and gorgeous people... I mean, Tan and I of course!

I just love these pictures, they are soooo... sooooo... I don't know... don't we look hot? lol

samedi 11 avril 2009

Just a pic or two

Today was an OOC beach party in Avilion and I went wearing that pretty swim suit I got on a midnight mania board the other day

Later on, after watching a Rogue dagger tournament (and my incredibly handsome husband wearing next to nothing...) I went home to get ready for a dance at the drum circle...

vendredi 10 avril 2009

Me fighting... seriously...

So... I got bored of shopping, camping, lucky chair stalking and all, and wanted to try something new... I also had all these pretty fight outfits in my inventory, and would never wear them because I'm supposed to wear a dress in Avilion, since I'm in none of the combat classes... I asked my friend Vox if he could teach me, we went to pick up a free sword at Steel Souls, Altarius Flanagan's shop in Avilion Vale, and headed to the Nexus where I received my first sparring lesson...

Vox Rhiadra: and so....
Vox Rhiadra: WHY ON EARTH
Vox Rhiadra: is your spellfire down
Rosemarie Indigo: 78?
Rosemarie Indigo: How is that even possible???
Altarius Flanagan: you hit yourself
Eithne McBride: Oh heaven help us all - Sister Rose is weilding a sword!

Then the training started:

Vox Rhiadra: You're way too close (you look hot by the way).. but don't stand so close.

Yes, At first I really really REALLY sucked, I managed to hurt myself...
But then...

Vox Rhiadra: did i just see you win?????????????????
Vox Rhiadra: you shitting me right?

Only problem, when you fight, is that you're supposed to remove as many prims as you can... which, for a fashion brat like myself, can be a problem... I finally accepted to remove some of my attachments, including my beloved 51prims eyelashes from Magika

Rosemarie Indigo: It took Vox an hour to get me out of my skirt
Tan Tantalus: uhm pardon?

lundi 6 avril 2009

Me posing... Beware... naughty content!

When I am not in Avilion, I usually am shopping, taking pictures, or lucky chair stalking....

There currently is a Flickr contest pool and here is my entry...

vendredi 3 avril 2009

Wedding pics

Tan and I have been honeymooning for almost a week now, and I think it's time to post some of the wedding pictures...
Here they are: