mardi 12 octobre 2010

Peace, at last...

Finally, I've made my peace with my second life. I still miss, always will, some of the old days in the cottage with long lost friends, but the best ones are still around, one way or another, and I am proud and happy to have them in my life. As for the others, I hope they are doing fine. But I'm at peace, I talked to my soul sister recently on the phone, and the storm has passed, after a long year of being angry and resentful, I finally see what matters: love, and forgiveness.
I've found a new home, in Everwind, where no drama disturbs the high quality roleplay, and where most of my loved ones play too, it feels good to take pleasure in SL at last, not being there because there's nowhere else to go, but because I choose, one or two nights a week, to join that group of friends over the RL ones, that I see the rest of the time. And when I do, no fear, no anger, no drama to break the quiet bliss of a fae dance in the glade. Thank you, Gil and Lilly, my precious friends, for making it possible, thank you E for being there, always, thank you Kouse for your support (and piles of dresses!), thank you Mae (boy I've missed you) and thank you Tan, love of my Slife, for making me laugh from beyond now and always.
I'm home, at last.
At peace