vendredi 9 janvier 2009

Shop Opening!

Ancient Dreams


I just opened a new shop! Boaz Sands, my friend and landlady, has set up a skybox mini-mall for us residents of her sim. The shop is up and running...
The place is called Ancient Dreams Medieval Market and there you will find 5 awesome shops:

This is my logo.... Yay! I have a logo!!!

Here you will find very pretty pose carpets in medieval and fae style, and low prim flowers...

Rosie's Thingies

Simply Fae: gorgeous medieval gowns and furniture by Boaz Sands

Simply Fae

Fredrik Writer's Fantasy Creations: Sculpted Statues, Wings and more... by Fredrik Writer

Fredrik Writer's Fantasy Creations

Paradise Lifestyles: Tropical Furniture and more by Sparta Tureaud

Paradise Lifestyles

Deis Designs: Sky boxes and Sky Castles.

Deis Designs

We also have a lucky chair... for all of you lucky chair stalkers, and a model!!

Queen December is currently modelling: Gown: Rainbow Delight ~ Simply Fae ~ Boaz Sands
Wings: New Fae Wings ~ FWC ~Fredrik Writer

mardi 6 janvier 2009

Hi everyone!!!
I need to blog those shoes... they're just too G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! You'll find them in Sentou Yousei and they're exclusively available on the lucky chairs... There are 3 different designs so you'll have to be patient...

What else can I say? Thanks heaps to Ashia Tomsen from Freestyle for the heads up.... Now have a great day all!